October 1, 2014

I have found http://www.iherb.com to be very good value, reliable and fast. They are a large US based supplement company.

Delivery from the USA to Australia has always been under 1 week, and only costs $8.

For you first order, you can use my iHerb gift code QDD516 www.iherb.com to get $10 off if the order is $40 or more. Declaration: I will also get a small discount off my next order. You will get a gift code you can give to your friends.

Products that I often recommend include:

Choline bitartrate 500mg


There is a very scientific rational basis to taking certain supplements. I will be writing a blog post on supplements shortly- please look out for it!

Wishing you and your loved ones the best of health!

Dr Ben Balzer