Paleo in 25 Words

Paleo Diet in

25 Words!

  • Paleo foods are rich in nutrients and low in toxins.
  • Non-Paleo foods are all weak and/or contain toxins.
  • Everything else is merely commentary.

(word count= 25!)

A lot of complex things are said about Paleo but nearly everything comes down to this simple summary.

Paleo foods are:
– high in omega 3/ vitamins/ fibre/ antioxidants and all other nutrients, and
– low in toxins (“antinutrients”) such as lectins, enzyme inhibitors and saponins.

Non-Paleo foods, when measured per calorie are much lower in nutrients and are often high in toxins.
The only true detoxification diet is the Paleo diet. All other “detox” diets ignore the science on food toxins and simply swap one set of toxins for another. In a Paleo diet, you actually remove toxins in a wholesale manner.

*well, 99% of what we talk about.

Paleo Diet in 14 words

Nutrition is the most powerful technology in health
Every change has consequences, mostly negative.

Paleo Diet in 3 words

It’s just evolution

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